PTA Committees

A+ GIANT PROGRAM:  This committee coordinates and monitors the online and information sheet registrations of all Giant cards.

BOOK FAIR:  Two Book Fairs are held each year, the first in October and the second in April.  Profits from the Book Fair are used to purchase books for the Library and teachers’ collections.  Volunteers are asked to help out in 1-2 hour shifts (during which time they can read as many books as they want).

BOOK SWAP:  The book swap is held annually during the school day.  Students are encouraged to bring in age appropriate, gently used books and are able to swap for a predetermined number of books.  Every child receives a book at this event, even if you are unable to donate a book.  Extra books are donated to a local program for other children to enjoy.

BOX TOPS/LABELS FOR EDUCATION:  The school participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education™.  It is a great way to earn cash for our school.  Everyone can help by simply clipping box top logos from participating products, and sending them in with your children.  The school receives 10 cents for each box top collected.  The more we collect, the more cash we earn!  The Chair collects and ships the labels, and the PTA receives a check in return.

CAREER DAY:  Career Day, a joint effort by the teachers and the PTA, happened for the first time in April 2007.  Approximately thirty parents came into the school gym and made presentations to the children about their careers.  Children chose which presentations they wish to visit.  Approximately two thirds of the presenters were men.  We found that Career Day provided an appealing way for working parents to participate in the life of the school.  Members of this committee may serve as presenters or facilitators.  The committee works closely with a group of teachers in the planning and execution of this event.

ENRICHMENT:  This committee organizes after-school enrichment programs including idea generation, program details, and management of after-school sessions.  This is a great way to provide students with different educational experiences that go beyond what is provided during the school day, for example, second language instruction and additional hands-on science instruction, computer keyboarding, and drama.  Offered for the first time during the 2002/2003 school year, this program was a huge success and continued to be a favorite PTA-sponsored program for students in grades 1-4.

FAMILY DINNER:  This committee, finds one willing restaurant per month that will donate 10% of all proceeds from Williams Township families dining in their restaurant.  A variety of restaurants throughout the year encourages families to gather and meet outside of our school.

FOURTH GRADE COMMITTEE:  This committee organizes the fourth grade class trip in conjunction with the teachers, the fourth grade lunch and yearbook signing, t-shirt designs and distribution.  Planning for these significant events should begin well before May.

HALLOWEEN PARTY:  This committee organizes the PTA's annual Halloween party which is held at the school on the Saturday morning before Halloween, typically from 10:00am-12:00pm.  It is held in the school cafeteria, the gym and room 311.  Children and parent volunteers are encouraged to wear costumes.  Volunteers are reminded that the school does not permit combustible materials anywhere in the building, and liquids are not permitted outside the cafeteria.  During the Halloween party, the PTA volunteers in charge will ensure that children remain with their assigned groups and do not go elsewhere in the building or outside the building unless accompanied by a PTA volunteer.

HERITAGE DAY:   Heritage Day celebrates the diversity of the students at Williams Township Elementary School. Parents, relatives, and friends are asked to spend either a morning or afternoon at the school telling students about their heritage.  This may include information about location of country, clothing, holiday or other special customs, language, music, art, special celebrations, descriptions of foods, and famous people that share this heritage. Students are placed in groups and rotate through the different presenters to listen to their presentations. Presentations generally last about 20 minutes.  The size of the groups depends on the number of presenters. The committee work includes getting in touch with presenters to determine their needs and helping to create the schedule.  A parent volunteer is needed for the day to help facilitate rotation of classes.  Also, a room is set up to provide a place for presenters to take a break and enjoy a beverage or snack.

HOLIDAY BAZAAR:  This committee organizes a shop for the students in the school at holiday time.  Committee members set up and take down the shop, manage the inventory, and help students with shopping.

HOLIDAY GIFT:  This committee meets once each year for approximately two hours in late November.  Every student receives a holiday gift from the PTA, and this committee sorts and wraps the gifts.  Gifts are often appropriate books for each grade.

MEETING SPEAKERS AND PROGRAMS:  This committee selects guest speakers to address the PTA and present programs for parents on educational topics and parenting issues, typically in conjunction with open PTA meetings.

MEMBERSHIP/WELCOMING:  This committee maintains the PTA membership list, issues membership cards, and reaches out to involve new members of the PTA.  Anyone who is interested in making new families feel welcome should please become involved, and stay involved, with this committee.

NEWSLETTER:  Each student receives a copy of the PTA’s monthly newsletter (The Rams Reader) to take home.  The newsletter is written and printed by the committee.  It is a great way to keep the WTES community informed about school events and student life.

PLAYGROUND:  This committee oversees maintenance and repairs to the school playground and gazebo, which were built with PTA funds.  The committee inspects the grounds and equipment each year, stains the wood in alternating years, and replaces mulch and addresses safety issues as necessary.

RAMS APPAREL:  New items such as shirts, pants, bags and window clings are made available each year for our students and parents to purchase.  This committee decides, purchases, and coordinates distribution of our Rams apparel and other items.

REFLECTIONS:  This committee assists with coordination of our National PTA Reflections Art Program.  This program encourages students to explore their talents and express themselves through an art contest.  This committee will also choose the winner of our Williams Township Reflections contest.

RETIREMENT:  As our teachers and staff members retire, this committee chooses special gifts for the retiree.  Each gift is different dependent upon that persons likes and requests.  Gifts range from book donation in that persons name to our library to engraved benches for student use.

ROOM PARENT:  This committee consists of the Room Parent Coordinator and the Room Parents for each of the classrooms.  Room Parents are responsible for organizing parents to assist with school and classroom events such as field trips and classroom parties, including the Halloween party, the Holiday party, the Valentine’s Day party, and the annual Jump Rope for Heart event.  For each classroom, the Chair of the Room Parent Committee will appoint one Room Parent.  For each event, the Room Parent will make telephone calls to enlist Parent Volunteers to organize and chaperone the event and purchase the necessary treats and supplies.  Room Parents will not be required to attend the individual events themselves.  Parent Volunteers will be rotated so that each parent will have an opportunity to help with his or her child’s class.  If a parent plans to volunteer, all clearances must be confirmed prior to any Room Parent allowing participation.  The cost of these clearances will be reimbursed after six events. 

SCHOLARSHIP:  This committee meets in the spring of each school year to determine which eligible candidates from the current graduating class will receive the Williams Township PTA Scholarships.  Criteria presently used to determine the winners include academics, community involvement and participation in extracurricular activities.

SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY:  School Spirit Day is held on the last day of school.  Students, staff, and parents show their school spirit by wearing black and white (the school colors) and/or Williams Township Elementary School logo attire.  In celebration of our spirit, parent volunteers help with games, relays, and face paintings.  The PTA supplies everyone with a hot dog lunch and snow cone treat.  A good time will be had by all!

SCIENCE FAIR:  The Science Fair is a one-day event held in the spring.  It is held in the gym and is open during the day for the classes to tour and view the projects.  It also has evening hours for family and friends to attend.  Every student in the school is invited to make a project.  The projects are for the child’s learning and enjoyment and are not judged.  Parent volunteers assist in set-up the night before the Science Fair and help students and families tour the fair.

SCRIP PROGRAM:  This program is our ongoing gift card fundraiser, which operates on a regular basis throughout the school year.  Families purchase gift cards not only as gifts for others but also as “scrip” to make their own monthly purchases of gas, groceries and other staple items.  The retailer gives the PTA a profit equal to a fixed percentage of the face value of each card sold.

STAFF APPRECIATION:  The school staff is honored during a special week in the spring.  Various events are scheduled so the PTA can thank the staff for all their hard work and dedication.  The committee is responsible for planning and carrying out the week’s program, which traditionally includes some type of food treat for each day.  The last day is usually marked by a full luncheon.  Any new and exciting ideas are welcome.  We are limited only by our imaginations (and our budget, of course!).

TALENT SHOW:  Building self-esteem and confidence in our talented students is what the Talent Show is all about.  Volunteers supervise and organize auditions and rehearsals, coordinate hospitality, props and decorations, interact with children one on one and in small groups, prepare artwork and printing for the Talent Show Program, and supervise children and activities and backstage. 

TRICKY TRAY:  This is a fundraising event for The Williams Township PTA that is held every 2 years.  During this event, guests buy tickets and place them in a container next to the item they would like to win.  Once everyone has had the opportunity to place his or her tickets in the containers, the drawing for the prizes begins.  When a number matches the winning number drawn, that person wins that specific prize.  This committee is responsible for gaining the donated items, setup of event, coordination of volunteers, and distributing items to the appropriate winners. 

WAYS AND MEANS:  Also known as the “Fundraising Committee,” the Ways and Means Committee ensures that the PTA has enough funds to meet its annual budget so that the students can benefit from all that the PTA plans to offer.  Fundraising efforts provide folders on the first day of school, assemblies, after-school enrichment programs, the Talent Show, field trips, and many other educational activities culminating in School Spirit Day on the last day of school. Committee members help to tally orders and are present on the delivery dates to help hand out orders. 

WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA:  Committee members will work to keep current, add to and improve the existing PTA website while keeping current on possible social media options.

WINTER CARNIVAL:  Our winter carnival is held at the school just prior to the beginning of winter break.  Each class rotates through different activities through the school.  This committee coordinates the volunteers that are needed to create fun activities for the children and is responsible for making sure each activity runs smoothly.

YEARBOOK:  The Yearbook Committee is responsible for the layout, sale, and distribution of the school yearbook. The committee will have a kick-off meeting in October to discuss the schedule and to set up a "theme" for the yearbook.  The final layout will be completed in April (the busiest month for the committee), but work will be done throughout the year.  The yearbook is done completely in a digital format, and volunteers are especially needed to take pictures.  Parents are generally assigned to work on the layout pages for the grade(s) their child(ren) are in.

To participate in any of the above committees, please print and fill out this form
Submit to a board member for confirmation.