Under Wilson Area School District Policy No. 1333, all parents who volunteer in the schools during school hours, even one time, must first obtain not only the Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, but also an FBI Federal Criminal History Record, which requires the parent to be fingerprinted.  For a copy of the School District’s policy, you may contact the administration office of the Wilson Area School District.

The cost of these clearances will be reimbursed by the Wilson Area School District only after a parent has volunteered six times in the first year. Parents are reimbursed by the PTA, and the PTA in turn is reimbursed by the Wilson Area School District. Parents who volunteer fewer than six times in the first year will not be reimbursed. Although these costs may appear burdensome, the School District gave careful consideration to the competing policy concerns that were raised, and they concluded that these requirements provided the best balance between the goals of encouraging volunteerism and ensuring safety in the schools.

If you would like to volunteer in the school, it is a good idea to obtain all of the above clearances early, so that if something comes up on short notice, you will not be prevented from participating. Once you have obtained your clearances, you do not need to renew them each school year. 

Here are the sites as per the District for registering:

* PA State Police Criminal History Act 34 - direct file -   CLICK HERE

* Federal Bureau of Finger Print Act 114 - service code 1KG6XN  -  CLICK HERE

* Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Act 151 - direct file -  CLICK HERE

       After you have obtained all three of your clearances, please submit them to the school secretary in the school office.

       Please do not submit them separately or send them to the PTA.
       The school secretary maintains the official list of parents who have obtained their clearances. The PTA will maintain records of parents who have volunteered at school and PTA events for purposes of obtaining reimbursement.