Come on out for a snack, lunch or dinner. Take advantage of the day off from school for some friends and fun. We are fundraising for field trips and end of year events. Mention Williams Township PTA to your server and Dubs will donate 10% to our PTA.  Can't get any easier than that!!!  Eat in or take out - doesn't matter it all benefits our kids. 
Dubs on 5th - (610) 438-3827
402 5th Street
West Easton, PA 
We thank your for your support!! 

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser

Our fantastic Gertrude Hawk Chocolates fundraiser is now underway! The fundraiser will go until Friday, Feb. 22nd. Estimated order pickup dates around the week of March 5th. Gertrude Hawk Chocolates is unsurpassed for its quality and guaranteed value. Homemade recipes, the finest ingredients and attention to detail have kept the company at the top of the industry for over 75 years. This chocolate is perfect for filling all of those Easter baskets! Help us meet our goal profit for this fundraiser of $2,500.00 by selling some today! We even have a web ordering option! go to www.gertrudehawk.com, click on the fundraising button bottom left hand side, click on group member sign up, enter Williams 6-digit code 123116. Paper order forms should not include any online sales. Questions can be directed to Kim Kressman at kimk@rcn.com

Brrrr...Winter Has Arrived!

In the event of inclement weather, please tune into the following television and radio stations for cancellation, delays, or early dismissals:  
FM Radio Stations: WAEB 104.1, HAWK 99.9, WLEV 100.7, WCTO 96.1
AM Radio Stations: WEST 1400, WAEB 790, WEEX 1230.  
TV Station: Channel 69 TV Storm Center.  www.alerts.wilsonareasd.org 
 The delay schedule is as follows:
1 Hour Delay:
Grades K-4  9:55am - 3:15pm
2 Hr Delay:
Grades K-4- 10:55am to 3:15pm
Please plan with your children so they will know what to do in the event of an early dismissal.  The bus schedules are adjusted according to late starts and early dismissal times so please be at your stop approximately 10 minutes early.  If you have any questions or concerns please call the school at (484) 373-6170.

Outside Recess Info.

Please remember to have your children dress appropriately for the weather so all students may be able to go outside for recess.  Please have them wear a proper coat, hat, and gloves.  If your child does not like to wear warm clothing to school, they could store these items in their cubby.  If all students are not prepared with proper clothing, then the entire class is not able to go out and enjoy the outdoors.  It greatly benefits children to be able to enjoy the fresh air. Thank you for your assistance!

Scrip Program Helps Williams Township Fundraising

Williams Township Elementary is currently participating in the Great Lakes Scrip Center Program. This fundraiser is ongoing throughout the school year and is really simple!  On your order form, you will see over a 100 different retailers to choose gift cards from.  Each gift card you purchase has a percentage that is donated back to Williams Township.  For instance, if you purchase a Giant gift card, Williams Township earns 4% back.  The more gift cards you purchase - the more Williams Township makes!  In addition to ordering gift cards from the paper form, you can also order them online at shopwithscrip.com, and enter Enrollment Code - 9BF8A76712869.  Some retailers even bump up the percentage for the holidays!  You can find more detail on this on the website. Please contact Stephanie Koufalis at stephaniekoufalis@gmail.com if you should have any questions.  Click Here to print the order form.

Join the PTA and Stay Connected!

The PTA needs you!  Without the parents, guardians and grandparents of our children, our PTA would not be as strong or successful as it is today.  Being a part of the PTA helps you stay connected to not only school events, but also to your child.  No matter how little or how much time you can give, you can make a difference!  Your ideas and comments are encouraged and can make a true difference in our school.  Feel free to come to a PTA meeting to join or you can use the (join) tab at the top of our webpage to begin the process.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Click here to read more.

Security Clearances Required for All Volunteers!

Don't forget that all volunteers are required to have all 3 clearances approved and on file in our school office prior to your volunteer date. Plan ahead since some of the clearances cannot be done online and need approval time! See our "Security Clearance" tab for more information. Clearances are now good for 5 years!