Summer News - Enrichment / Volunteers / Dates

Happy Summer Everyone,

We hope you all are having a safe and fun Summer. The PTA has been busy over the last few weeks. Finishing year end paperwork and getting geared up for the new school year. We donÒ´ like those words either but there is so much that goes into the PTA that we need to work year-round to accomplish all the fun stuff for our Little Warriors.

We have exciting news..the curved slide on the playground at Williams Township Elementary School (WTES) was replaced. We know so many of the children love the slide during recess and even after school. We thank everyone who took part of the fundraising for the Fun Run to make this purchase possible.

We some sad news on our Enrichment program. During our Summer meetings we review our programs and what we can successfully take on based on interest, volunteers and funding. We determined there was a lack of interest and committee members for the Enrichment program. Due to that, the Enrichment will be cancelled for the Fall session. This was a very difficult decision being that it is near and dear to a lot of us. We reached out several times and received limited responses and currently don't have a chair. Hopefully we can get chairs and committee members together for the Spring session

A good amount of volunteering families graduated last year and will be this upcoming year. We need our K, 1, 2 grades to step in for the PTA and learn before your current officers and committee heads move on. The PTA is a vital part to WTES and we need more to get involved. We are not asking for a huge commitment, an hour here and there. We even have items that can be done behind the scenes but WE NEED YOU!!!

Getting your clearances for volunteering is important. It is not only to assist in lunch or field trips but some of these programs provided by the PTA. If we can't find the coverage needed programs will have to be reduced or cancelled. Our committees work very hard to provide opportunities to our Little Warriors. Teamwork makes the dream work.

If you need help understanding the process and how to get your clearances, please reach out to me or a PTA member. All the instructions and forms are on the PTA website. If you volunteer 6 times over the year the cost is reimbursed. Find out more on the Security Clearance section of our website

Don't forget to signup for the Facebook page or register on our website so you can stay up on the latest items going on at WTES.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

8/15 L ittle Warrior Meet & Greet 10am at the Williams Municipal Field - a get together to welcome in our new students. If you bring any refreshments please ensure it is peanut and nut free

8/27 First Day of School

8/31, 9/3 School Closed

9/5 Open House 7p-8p

9/11 PTA Meeting 6:30p WTES Cafeteria

Please reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Have a great rest of your Summer!!

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The PTA needs you!  Without the parents, guardians and grandparents of our children, our PTA would not be as strong or successful as it is today.  Being a part of the PTA helps you stay connected to not only school events, but also to your child.  No matter how little or how much time you can give, you can make a difference!  Your ideas and comments are encouraged and can make a true difference in our school.  Feel free to come to a PTA meeting to join or you can use the (join) tab at the top of our webpage to begin the process.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Security Clearances Required for All Volunteers!

Don't forget that all volunteers are required to have all 3 clearances approved and on file in our school office prior to your volunteer date. Plan ahead since some of the clearances cannot be done online and need approval time! See our "Security Clearance" tab for more information. Clearances are now good for 5 years!