Science Fair - Student Viewing Volunteers

The Science Fair is coming Tuesday, March 27th
We are so excited to see what our Little Warriors have come up with for us this year. 
We will need a few volunteers to help out during the school day when the classes go to view the Science Fair. Just to make sure little hands don't touch and respect the projects that the children have worked so hard on.

Click here for the on-line schedule.

February Lunch Duty - UPDATED

Please consider volunteering for lunch duty at the school. Feel free to sign up as many times as you would like, but please be courteous of others. During lunch, you will assist the children in opening lunch items, keeping them in lines and helping the Williams Township Staff in any way needed. It's just another way that you can stay involved in your child's daily school activity! **Must have Approved Clearances**

11:26-11:56 K-Lombardo

11:28-11:58 K-Bennett

11:32-12:02 1-Maginn

11:34-12:04 1-Strickler

12:06-12:36 IU20-Taylor

12:08-12:38 2-Hakvaag

12:10-12:40 2-Fisher

12:12-12:42 2-Buskirk

12:38-1:08 3-Carlin

12:40-1:10 3-Dickson

12:42-1:12 4-Silfies

12:44-1:14 4-Parry

12:46-1:16 4-Polgar

Click here for the on-line schedule.